Central Govt Schemes

 Scheme / programme Starting date     Objective of Scheme
 1. Jan Dhan Yojna 28 August, 2014 To connect more and more peoples from the banking services
 2. Skill India Mission 28 August, 2014 Skill Development in Youth
 3. Make in India 28 September, 2014 Promoting manufacturing Sector in the country
 4. Swachchh Bharat Mission 2 October, 2014 Making India a clean country till October 2, 1919
 5. Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana 11 October, 2014 Development in the villages which includes social development, cultural development.
 6. Shramew Jayate Yojana 16 October, 2014 Plan dedicated to labour development
 7. Beti Bachao Beti Padhao 22 January, 2015 The goal of this scheme is to make girls socially and financially self-reliant through education.
 8. Hridaya Plan 21 January, 2015 To take care of world heritage sites and to make these sites economically viable.
 9. PM Mudra Yojna 8 April , 2015 Loan to small businessmen from 50 thousand to 10 lakh
 10. Ujala Yojna1 May, 2015 Distribution of LED bulbs at a low price to reduce electricity consumption
 11. Atal Pension Yojna 9 May, 2015 Monthly pension for people from the unorganized sector b/w age of 18 to 40 years
 12. Prime Minister Jyoti Jyoti Bima Yojna 9 May, 2015 Life Insurance of Rs. 2 lakh for people b/w 18 to 50 years (@Premium of Rs. 330 per annum)
 13. Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana 9 May, 2015 General insurance/accident insurance for people between 18 and 70 years of 2 lakh (at a premium of 12 Rs. / year)
 14. Smart city scheme 25 June, 2015 Developing 100 selected cities of the country as smart cities from 2015 to 2020
 15. AMRUT Plan 25 June, 2015 Developing all the basic amenities in more than 500 cities which have more than one lakh population
 16. Digital India Mission 2 July, 2015 Making all government services electronically available to the public
 17. Gold Monetization Scheme 5 November,  2015 Putting inoperative gold (lying at home and lockers) in productive works.
 18. Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme 5 November, 2015 To check the real demand of Gold; government introduced the Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme.
 19. UDAY 20th November, 2015 Financial turnaround of Power Distribution Companies of Public Sector
 20. Start-up India 16 January, 2016 To Promote new enterprises
 21. Setu Bhartam Yojna 4 March , 2016 Construction of Over and Under Bridge to make National Highways Railway Crossing free
 22. Stand Up India 5 April, 2016 Loans up to 10 lacs to 1 crore for establishment of new companies to Scheduled Castes / Tribes and Women Entrepreneurs
 23. Gramoday Se Bharat Uday 14-24 April 2016 Emphasizing the development of villages for proper development of the country
 24. Prime Minister Ujjwala Plan 1 May, 2016 Providing the LPG connection to BPL families at subsidized rates
 25. Namami Gange Yojna 7 July, 2016 Cleanliness of river Ganga

































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West Bengal Launches ‘Rupashree’ Scheme To Help Poor Girls Marry

A sum of Rs 1,500 crore has been kept reserved for the project. The scheme aims to help around 6 lakh women from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.


Applying for Rupashree Prakalpa

The application form for the ‘Rupashree’ scheme has been made available across the state. Interested women can fill the application form before their marriage. After this, they need to submit it to the Block Development Officer (BDO) or Municipality Office of their area.

Eligible women will receive Rs 25,000 in their bank accounts before their wedding.

Highlighting the purpose of the scheme, a state government official said that low-income families find it hard to bear the expenses of their daughter’s marriage. They usually borrow money for it at high interest rates.



  1.  The woman applying for the scheme should be a permanent resident of Bengal
  2.  She should have an upper annual family income of Rs 1.5 lakh. She should also be of legal marriageable age
  3. There are no minimum educational qualifications required to apply for the Rupashree scheme

Romantic Bengali SMS Collection

Being in love is to own portion of the other person. if you believe that an individual is indeed incredible that you need him or her to become a part of your life and a part of you, then you should. If you fall in love with a person, you feel an intense desire to be romantic then there is no alternative to a short Romantic Bengali SMS Collection. Our Romantic Bengali Shayari collection is crafted in such a way that it will re energize the romantic part of your girlfriend or wife. We know how much you love your wife if you truly care for her then why not send a sweet romantic shayari to your girlfriend.these Romantic bangla messages are very cute and an ideal way to express your love feelings.You can make these romantic bangla quotes you status on facebook or send in a whatsapp message as most of them are in 140 charters long.
Bangla being the sweetest language you must try are Bengali love quotes for your girlfriend. Being in love is presuming you need someone to be happy.


Romantic Bengali SMS Collection

Prem korle PARESHAN hoye jai;
Biye korle SHARABI hoye jai
divorce dile DEVDAS hoye jai
ar friendship korle MOBILE TE BANALCE ses hoye jai.!!

Ai Mon chai sudu tomai Valobasi,
Ai Mon chai sudu tomar kacha Aasi,
Ai Mon chai tumar mukher akto Hasi,
Ai Mon chai sudu thakte tumar Pasapasi!

Joto bhalobasa peyechi tomar kach thake;
Dustu aii mon chai aro besi pete;
ki jani tomar modhe ki achhe;
ke mon chai tomake aro besi kore kache pete.!!

Khusbhu er moto tomar modhe miliye jabo;
Sukun hoye tomar hridoy vore debo;
anubhab kore khusite thakbe;
jokhon amay mone korbe;
dur thake chole asbo.!!

Raat er khamoshi raas ase na;
Amar chaya ekhon amar paas ase na;
Kichu ase to bas tomar yaad;
Jeta ek poloker jonno amar thake doore jai na.!!

lover Boy: darling amar kaane te kichu halka,Kichu narom,kichu misti bolo!

Ratri Dekheche Amai Aro Ekbar Kadte.
Ratri Dekheche Hajar Loker Bhire Nijeke Harate.
Ratri Dekheche Bhison Kacher Manusti Koto Dure Thake.
Dekheche Amar Ooi Ekla barite Nirbikarchitte takate
Nijer ’SWAPNO’ Sajate..Ar…BHANGTE.!!

Jani na ke kal kothai robe;
Ki pabe ar ki harabe;
Diner shese jokhon eshe;
Chobe amay dhusor alo;
Bhabbo ami ekla bose,
Bondhura sob ache bhalo.

Bristir nesha te ,
Chai mon hara te,
Sab shima chariye,
Chai amar mon tomake “BHALOBASTE”

Hariya jabo jadin ami,
Porbe amai mone,,
ek fota jol asthe dio,,,
tomar choker kone,,,,
sedin jotoi dakbe amai,,,,,
debona sara ami!
thakbo ami nil akasher,,,,,
chotto ekta tara hoye!!!!!!!

Prithibite emon kichu valobasa hoye thake- BATAS, MORICHIKA,ALEYA moto.

Ja anuvob kora jay kintu sporsho kora jay na.

Kintu biswas na korle jibonta mitthe hoye jay.

“Biswasei Benche Thake Valobasa”.

Romantic Bangla Shayari for Girlfriend


Hate hath rekhe dujone hente jabo eksathe sagor pare,tomai rakhbo mone khub jotone.

1 somudro valobasa

debo jodi tumi chau.

dure gele durotto bare, pichutan theke jay hridoy jure

kache ele abeg bare, valobasha unki dey ontore olinde

chok bujhle dekhina kichu

prithibita dhake adhare

chokh khullei dekhi je tomay

valobasi ami sudhu tomare.

valo jokhon besechi tomake charbo na eto sohoje..

tumi sudhui amar vag debo na ami kau k..

joroi tumi dao na sorie amake dure

parbo na tomai vulte..

kosto dao dukho dao tobuo chai sudhui tomake…..

Cholti pothe 2make khuje pai chena podosobde.

Khonik theme pichu takay, ghono kuasar modde.

Japsa chokhe dekhi cheye,

1la 2mi acho dariye….

Bangla Romantic Sms for Love


Sobay Bole Ami Valobasi Kake? Keo Bolena Ke Valobashe Amk.

Ami Valobasi Sristir Sob Sundor K.

Kintu amar Hridoye Jaiga Debo Take,

J Valobasbe Amake.

Tumi amar sob na paoar modhye ekmatro paoa,

jodi kokhono harate hoi tomake,

sei din age nijeke duniya thake hariye felbo.

Ami tomake etotai valobashi amar ontor jure sudhui  tumi acho

Sudhu tumi!!

Tumi Amar Ice Cream,Tomake Niye Proti Rate Dekhi Dream.

Tumi Sei Jon,Jake Diechi Amar Mon.

Tumi Amar Asar Alo,

Taito Tomai Shudhui Besechi Valo.

Tumi Acho Bole Khuje Pai Cholar Chondo,

2mi Acho Bole Khuje Pai Sunyotay Anondo!

2mi Acho Bole Chander Alo Lagena Valo,

2mi Acho Bole Baganer Ful Mukh Lukalo!

2mi Acho Bole Boshonto Ashe Bare Bar,

2mi Acho Bole Chaina Kichu Ar!

2mi Acho Bole Ami Kobitay Khuje Pai Mil,

2mi Acho Bole Amar Hridoyer Akashe Ure Beray. . .

“Premer Shonkochil.


Bangla  love SMS for Wife with images

Duti Janalay 2make Khuje Pay Misty Dristir Valobashar Mohonai,

Tumi Thako R Nai Thako Takalei Tomay Dekhar Saad Amar Purno Hoi.

Khonik Por Por Janalai Takay, Tomar Sona Mukh Khana Dekhar Asai.

Jhapsa Chokhe Dheki Cheye,

Ekla 2mi Achovmoner Janalai Dariye.

Bondhu Aj Keno Tor Choke Jol?

Udas Keno Tui Amy Khule Bol?

Hoyto Parbo Na Ene Dite Tor Mukhe Hansi.

Dukher Jole Na Hoy Dui Jone Vasi.

Toke Je Ami Khub Valobashi.

Chander Ache Koto Alo Seto Nijer Noy..

Amar Chokhe Koto Abeg Cheye Dekho Koi..

Samne Tomar Chander Pahar

Pichone Ami..

Bolo Konta Chau Konta Beshi Dami……..

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